Complete FIFA 24 TOTS Rodman SBC: Full Guide & Cost Analysis

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The article introduces the TOTS celebration in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, focusing on Trinity Rodman's TOTS card. It highlights her attributes and PlayStyles+, as well as the SBC requirements and rewards. To complete the SBC, players need to fulfill various challenges with specific overa


The Team of the Season (TOTS) celebration continues to evolve in FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, marking a significant moment with the release of both the Serie A and NWSL TOTS lineups. This dual release showcases top-performing players from Italy and the United States, bringing an international flair to the event.

Electronic Arts has crafted a new challenge for players, introducing an exciting Squad Building Challenge (SBC) that features Trinity Rodman with a special TOTS card. Fans can now enhance their Ultimate Team rosters with this high-caliber item, celebrating Rodman's standout season.

Trinity Rodman's TOTS Upgrade

In the Ultimate Team mode of FC 24, a fresh Team of the Season (TOTS) card has been released, featuring Trinity Rodman from Washington Spirit.

Trinity, the offspring of the legendary basketball player Dennis Rodman, has carved out her own impressive path, becoming a standout in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL).

The developers at EA Sports have awarded this talented winger with an impressive 93-rated TOTS card. This card boasts remarkable attributes, such as a blistering 99 pace, a sharp 90 shooting, an adept 88 passing, a silky 93 dribbling, a solid 60 defending, and a robust 92 physicality.

Additionally, this United States Women's National Team (USWNT) star comes with three enhanced PlayStyles+ to elevate her game on the virtual pitch. These are Quick Step+ to swiftly navigate past opponents, Finesse Shot+ for precision strikes, and Trickster+ to outmaneuver defenders with ease.

SBC Requirements and Rewards

To complete the TOTS Rodman SBC in FIFA Ultimate Team, players must fulfill a series of squad-building challenges (SBCs) with varying requirements and rewards. Here's a breakdown of what you need to do and the packs you can earn:

  • For the first SBC, include at least one Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW) player in your starting lineup. The team's overall rating should be a minimum of 85. Completing this challenge rewards you with a Mixed Players Pack.

  • The second SBC also requires a TOTS or TOTW player in your starting 11, but the team's overall rating must be at least 86. Success in this SBC grants you a Small Gold Players Pack.

  • Increasing the difficulty, the third SBC demands a team with a minimum overall rating of 87. Once completed, you'll receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack.

  • Next up, assemble a squad with an overall rating of at least 88. Upon completion, you'll be awarded a Prime Electrum Players Pack.

  • The fifth SBC requires you to build a team with a minimum overall rating of 89. Your reward for this SBC is a Premium Gold Players Pack.

  • Finally, the most challenging SBC of the series requires a team with a minimum overall rating of 90. Completing this final challenge will earn you a Rare Electrum Players Pack.

Remember, each SBC must be completed individually to earn the respective rewards, which can help bolster your Ultimate Team with new players and consumables.

Completion Cost and Final Thoughts

Unlock the powerhouse of Team of the Season Trinity Rodman for your Ultimate Team by conquering the Squad Building Challenge (SBC). Embark on this quest with an investment of approximately 455k coins to secure her spot on your squad.

Are you considering enlisting the talents of the Washington Spirit's dynamic winger for your lineup? Share your thoughts and potential strategies in the comment section!

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